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Multiplex 2-Panel Test for Flu and RSV

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Influenza and RSV Lab Derived Test

*This product is not currently eligible for shipping outside of the United States or to the states of PA, NY, MD, RI, or the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands and Guam.

** Please do not attempt to collect, activate, or ship yoursample from 2pm Central Thursday through 4am Central on Monday. Samples that are collected or shipped during this window will not be processed for results.**


    Our non-invasive PCR saliva tests (no swabs!) are easy to administer and can be collected wherever you need.


    After you provide your sample, package it in the included return box, and drop it in any USPS or FedEx mailbox. It will then be delivered to one of our Shield T3 labs.


    Once your sample is received at our lab, we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time, with most results delivered within 12 hours.


    Once your sample has been tested, our reporting software will deliver the findings via text and/or email through our intuitive, secure, and HIPAA compliant platform.